Why 100% Cellular Vinyl?

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A Wood Deck Only Looks Good - and Costs Less - The First Year

As wood ages and is subjected to the weather, the rich, warm color fades, splinters surface (wood), boards warp and crack, and mold and mildew begin to grow.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

And does the wood come with a warranty?

When you chart the cost of ongoing yearly maintenance that wood requires to keep looking decent, it can add up. And, if you try to spread out that maintenance – power washing, sanding, scraping and staining, even replacing deck boards – it only gets worse.

Composite Decking materials are not, in fact, the "solution" to wood.

Composite decking materials first started to appear in the early 1990s. Products were intended to be environmentally friendly by combining polyethylene resin(PE) from recycled materials and organic fillers. However, many shortcomings became evident such as mold, crumbling, splitting, staining, combustability, scratching, and color fade. Some composites had to be pre-drilled, and few, if any, could be nailed. In comparison, PVC decking is made for comfortable lounging and easy maintenance, trouble-free.


Endeck is the perfect combination of strength, good looks, and easy care.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC


Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Endeck boards are strong, durable, and engineered to resist sagging, and they're lighter in weight than composite or wood deck boards. Endeck boards meet or exceed stringent AC10 and AC174 standards and are CCRR-0144 approved.

Architectural Appeal

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

The colors will match or contrast nicely with your home's existing siding, fencing, and railing. All the leading hidden fastening syste*ms work well with Endeck, and capped and embossed Fascia board is now available in matching colors for a flawless finish.

#7 Installing new VEKAdeck top boards and adding a walk-way ramp.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Even though it may look like wood, it certainly doesn't act like wood. No scraping, sanding or staining, and no twisted, cracked, or warped boards to replace. Clean-up is practically effortless; a spray of the hose removes most dirt and grime. And it's comfortable underfoot - Endeck capped cellular PVC decks capture the classic look and feel of real wood.

Lifetime Warranty protects your investment

Your vinyl deck will not peel, pit, rot, blister, warp, crack, abnormally weather, or be consumed by insects when installed under normal conditions and proper use.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Embossed wood grain on both sides of Endeck's cellular PVC deck boards mimic the look and feel of real wood.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Comfortable on your feet

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Choice of colors matches your home's existing siding, fencing, and railing.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

Fastener-free surface - All the leading hidden fastening systems work well with Endeck for an immaculate, finished look.


Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

VEKAdeck™ is an engineered deck board that meets or exceeds ASTM standards for impact and puncture resistance, provides excellent traction when wet or dry, and is thermally reflective to keep you cool underfoot. VEKAdeck™ and matching fascia board ship in six attractive colors (gray, khaki, tan, white, almond, mocha, and new...Walnut) to satisfy most applications.

Vinyl Deck & Dock Covers LLC

When VEKA says that we are the world's leading producer of vinyl extrusions, we have over 30 years of experience to back us up. With facilities in eleven different countries, we are established worldwide.

We are constantly challenging the limits of our industry to establish new benchmarks for extrusion technology. Our goal is to provide the highest quality extrusions at a competitive price.

See how VEKAdeck performs in several tests such as slip resistance, impact, staining, and fading.
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The product's low water absorption property makes it ideal for high humidity, pool or marine environments.

Since VEKAdeck™ is made from 100% PVC and color stabilizers, this premium deck board will resist fading due to normal weather conditions. Our reinforced cellular PVC extrusion process gives VEKAdeck™ dimensional stability and impact resistance.

We are so sure of our process that we warrant VEKAdeck™ not to rot, chip, peel, blister or corrode.
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